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Will everything be fine again in 2022?

There are lots of forecasts for the future and it would sometimes appear that the more uncertain the world is the happier people are to offer their view on how things will play themselves out. However, until more concrete data on the supposed recovery arrives, it does allow markets and analysts the freedom of projecting across the abyss and into 2022, by which time most things should be OK. They should at least be in order from the point of view of US macroeconomic growth which along with Fed policy and China, are the main drivers of global markets. That however, does not mean that all problems are solved or that market are yet stable. In this month’s edition of our Global Market View publication, we will therefore offer our view of the progress made so far in terms of healing the wounds of markets and of the global economy, and how this progress is, if not as impressive as the amount of money spent, then at least proportional to it.

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