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Mads Pedersen and Oliver Dressler are restructuring their technology-driven asset management company

Founder and CEO of EPT AM Mads Pedersen continues to improve the investor experience with the creation of Human Edge Investment Technology

October 27th marks a new phase for EP Technology Asset Management with the re-branding of the company as Human Edge Investment Technology. In 2018, Mads Pedersen and Oliver Dressler set out to create a technology company to provide efficient and transparent investment solutions that address the needs of capital protection and stable returns for investors. The new branding of the business reflects that purpose and emphasizes the idea of combining human insights with investment technology.

The enhanced management team is focused on driving further growth by strengthening ties with existing partners and clients across mandates and funds, as well as expanding the business in Central Europe and globally

The CEO and co-founder Mads Pedersen takes over the majority in the share capital of the company to continue to pursue his entrepreneurial vision of providing superior investment solutions. The CTO and founder Oliver Dressler increases his equity stake to deliver long term R&D planning and further development of the technology. Maximilian Helletzgruber joins as capital partner taking over responsibility for Business Development to drive growth and promote the investment concepts and strategies.

Human Edge offers a new and innovative approach to systematically manage risk in multi-asset portfolios.

Human Edge combines technology with human insights to provide investment solutions tailored to client needs. Proprietary cloud-based technology enables construction of multi-asset portfolios where risk is managed with the use of behavioural finance-based algorithms and sizeable allocation changes. The methodology has been developed over two decades and has been applied in mandates and funds since 2015.

To learn more about Human Edge and our investment technology visit our LinkedIn or website

Human Edge Investment Technology

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